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CO2 monitoring and reporting system
Problem type: CO2 monitoring and reporting system for multinational corporation

Project Overview
One of the big multinational corporations had serious problem with their software systems which were different in each country. The difference was caused by the variety of national law regulations, environmental guidelines as well as linguistic differences. The data gathered in such a way as well as all the reports compiled from the databases was useless for the process of making strategic decisions by the Board of Directors. The differences appearing in the methods of storing data in the company databases made it difficult for the decision makers to compare reports and/or any specific information.

What We Did
ATOMOTERM® in cooperation with partner from other country prepared on optimal solution:
  • Located all the national monitoring and reporting systems.
  • Actualized and adjusted those systems to specific local regulations.
  • Created and activated data export mechanism which fulfilled the Headqurter’s requirements.
  • Provided workshops for corporation employees.

The data range and system functionality prepared by ATMOTERM® were perfectly adjusted to the client’s expectations. Multinational corporation with its differentiated needs could get the complex tool that solved its problems and enabled all the local plants function properly as well as Headquarters benefit from imported compatible local reports.
One of the main advantages was customized application for Headquarters as a database, reports used on each level and as a management system and decision-making processes for all the corporation, used successfully in its further projects.

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